Should I Develop A Blackberry App?


Discussing with business people and “Apprenuers” in London, I am often asked to provide a quote for a blackberry app as well as for a program on iOS and Android. And for good reason too. In Blackberry’s “hey day” it gained a lot of market adoption out of industry professionals as well as the faculty crowd. And that adoption remains ‘lurking’ around in London in the exact audiences. Plus, with the recent launching of Blackberry’s ‘recovery’ phone, it is a worthy question. However, in my own opinion, if developing a program, simply because you know a lot of individuals who have Blackberrys or the vast majority of one’s customers do… it’s not just a case of market share… The most important issue to consider is app adoption. So out of all the Blackberry smartphones that are around, how many individuals actually use apps? As stated by, in Q1 of 2012 Blackberry had a whole app downloads of only 3bn, since it’s program introduction in 2011. Together with Android using total app downloads of 15bn and Apple 30bn at the exact same time.

Therefore when contemplating investing in an AppValley project, I always recommend starting off with the very popular platform being iOS. From there I recommend taking it one step at the same time. But I don’t recommend investing in a Blackberry app ‘straight from the jump’, if at all, as you would certainly be wasting resources you could be using to aid the achievement of your program(s) on the other stage(s).

To Assist You plan out your app endeavor, I will talk to you 3 things you should consider and devote some time considering or receive answers to, when creating your app:

1. What’s your program do?

Now, you might laugh but as a result of the type of programs, with all these possibilities and also the ability to get 1 app to execute a hundred things, you necessarily will need to iron out everything you will get the program to complete, is it to inform, drive data, amuse? Understand this specified and it’ll be a steady guideline throughout the process.

2. Do you want development & design or merely development?

It’s quite easy to confuse software for functionality. What I mean by that, is in a few cases, you maybe developing applications that can be utilized on a notebook or pc, however you would like the program equivalent. Some can think all you need todo is design what the app can look like and ‘place it on’. Not True. The program is a separate item of software and it willn’t matter how good the program design look, it won’t work if you never develop the software to get the program to operate. S O app applications has to be developed too. On the other had, you fully effective at designing everything the app will appear to be however, you require app programmers to code the software I simply said. Either way, you will need to specify what area, or even all, of this program project you need your program programmer to help you with. Which leads me into the 3rd point.

3. Is there some third party systems or websites which the app should find information out of or submit advice?

As stated in the previous time, does the information inside the program need to be gathered from somewhere like your system? Or does the info must head to somewhere just like your machine? This is a really crucial question.

Employing the preceding point as an example, your own building that the system and also the program should connect with that platform to work correctly, so this needs to be mentioned. However, if this is your very first app job or first project in the software landscape you could not have this technique available and so have not built it… this technique hence needs to be built also.

Your app programmer will have the ability to build this system for you or you will need to have it built. In any event, you to need to say this to your app programmers in order they could counsel you about which is or what’s not crucial.

Note: I’ve intentionally tried to keep this as jargon free as you can, so hopefully this makes sense.

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